Elite of the Week winners for May

Well done to everyone nominated for Elite of the Week last month! Our winners for May are:

Yr 7
Lucas Noble 
Ruby Chorley
Abbie Manley
Edward Evans
Matthew Wellgreen

Yr 8
James Cushing
Matthew Thomson
Edward Gray
Lucille Nichols
Ruth Collett
Daniel Gooding

Yr 9
Kate Dallimore
Bethany Haythorne
Lucy Bruton 
Erin Sellars
Joshua James
Tamia Nero
Jessica Smith
Briony Potter
Molly King
Emily Spray
Emily Pearson
Ewan Saunders
Mollie Gover
Alex Harrison
Charlotte Devlin

yr 10 
Olivia Fisher
Sophie Park
Amy Stafford
Hayley Stevens
Jemima Fowler
Charlotte Bagnall
Michael Du-Toit
Alexander Barker

Each 'Elite' will receive a certificate and an Elite badge. Well done for all your hard work in ICT this year - keep it up!!